Unity in Design

Unity in Design

Does your décor have unity?  Does it all send the same message?  

I have to admit that I love many different kinds of décor.  Therefore, my home has more than one style.  

This can be a problem for a lot of us.  I keep each style separate by putting them in different rooms.  
But it would be better if the whole house was the same style.   It would tell my story better and be less confusing.  
It can be hard to stay focused on one design style.

Here is where using a concept helps.  The concept is a metaphor for your personality or for your wishes and dreams.  
It helps when we interpret your personality into a symbol or metaphor.  
It really helps to keep you focused while designing.  

When we ask ourselves to interpret our personality into a home décor,
we tend to go in many different directions.  We have trouble trying to say just one thing.  
It is easier if we use a concept for the focus.  

Here’s an example.  We can interpret my personality into a sailboat.  
I adore the beach and sailboats and I think they are beautiful.  
I think of a scene with a sailboat where the gorgeous blue sky is beyond the boat and the ocean is a deep teal green.  

I use the materials I find in this scene – stainless steel, teak, white canvas fabrics and glossy white surfaces like the cabin.  
I use a sandy color (beach color) for the main paint color and have an accent wall in deep Peacock (teal).  
When I select furniture, it is simple style with clean lines.  
It is light in scale and lifted off of the floor (with legs) so it feels like it could float.
Artwork is selected to tell a story and create an adventure.  Ideally, my artwork would come from places I visited.  

This is the way you use a concept.  It is not the same thing as creating a themed environment, but similar.  
You don’t use literal objects.  For example I would not just put pictures of sailboats on the walls,
I would try to create the same feeling I get when sailing.  Think abstractly.  Interpret the personality.  Use your imagination. 

A friend of mine used the movie Titanic as a concept for her master suite.  
She used very ornate furniture and romantic purples, reds and deep blues in her color schemes.  

She had a chaise with lush silk brocade upholstery near the fireplace (huge master suite)
and a large grandfather clock nearby.  However, she had nothing in the room that mentioned the movie.  
She just made the same feeling come through as the movie does.  See what I mean?

Using a concept not only makes it easier to stay focused, it is a lot of fun.  
I can promise you will end up with a décor you love and you will feel like it suits you.
Unless you pick a concept you don’t like.   Just try it.

PS:  Go to our blog and tell us what concept you’ve come up with https://studiopopp.com/design-blog/

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