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Project Phases

A successful interior design is achieved through several important steps, or design phases. Described below are the steps required to execute the typical phases of a project.  Click on the 2nd and 3rd groups after the Pre-Design Phase.  StudioPopp offers services for all phases.  Small projects will often combine several steps into one.[slideshow ]


Programming is often completed prior to the request of interior design services, by an architect or the Facilities Manager. However, StudioPopp can provide these services as well. At a minimum, the programming process determines a space list and general area requirements, but may also include adjacency and room utility requirements as well.

For small interior projects the owner usually provides the space list and area program to the designer. However, the designer sometimes helps to refine the program during the design process. As was the case when an owner requested to  fit out a room with furniture to create a conference room, but StudioPopp found a different room that offered a better solution after exploring the possibilities.   The program was refined and amended.

Branding Sessions

Branding Sessions engage meetings between the Interior Designer and the Facility’s Team including their Brand Manager or Marketing Director to establish the vision for the project.  A list of questions from the Interior Designer is reviewed to inform the concept phase of the design process.  Example images will be reviewed to help visualize opportunities for the spaces. All projects with StudioPopp will have a branding session.  This is not optional.

Concept Development

Concept development establishes a platform for the designer to use in expressing the brand while fulfilling the programmatic requirements. A defined concept is crucial in keeping the project unified.

Schematic Design

Schematic Design is the execution of the concept, and includes the basic layout of the design with plans, elevations, and a perspective. Loose drawings that align with the concept description are presented in this phase in .pdf format.

Design Development

Design Development is the stage in which the schematic design is taken to the material level.  Actual furniture, fixtures and materials are presented in this phase.  Finish boards produced in .pdf format are presented for review. They usually include sketches of any custom features as well as images of upholstery and other proposed material samples.  We provide physical samples for review to the client when available.

Construction Documents

Construction Documents are the actual drawings from which the installer or contractor builds the space.  They include the details and specifications of all items including exact furniture and fixtures to be purchased.  The drawings are completed in CAD and presented in .pdf format.


Procurement phase is included for most projects.  It is the phase in which the Designer purchases furniture and accessories for the client or provides information in order for the client to purchase directly.

Purchasing for the client is available at a percentage of costs and eliminates the need for the client to perform this time-consuming and detailed task.  StudioPopp will send the specifications to several dealerships and obtain the best pricing for the client.  We set up a schedule and arrange for delivery and installation. We stay on top of any problems that might arise.  We can also help to find financing for the client, if desired.

Construction Administration

Construction Administration is the phase of the project where the Designer meets with the installers and/or General Contractor to confirm that the elements in the construction documents are understood.  Normally the Designer is available for questions and explanations as required to execute the project correctly.  The final “punch list” is completed after the installers are finished to document that all is satisfactory.


Team Information

StudioPopp brings together the appropriate team for each project that includes several design affiliates and service vendors.  We have worked with some of the best and brightest architects and interior designers in the area.   Team members such as 3D rendering specialists, lighting designers, audio-visual experts and engineers are often consulted as well.

 Fee Information

StudioPopp charges an hourly rate and bills the client monthly for work completed, unless otherwise agreed upon.  Procurement services require an additional handling fee which is a percentage of costs in addition to the hourly rate.  Before the process begins, a written estimate including a not-to-exceed amount of hours is agreed upon.   Both parties agree upon any and all changes in writing.

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