Victoria Popp, CID, ASID

I have been a corporate office interior designer for over 15 years now.  But there was a time that I planned to be a clinical psychologist.  That’s because I always wanted to help people feel better any way I could.   When I was introduced to the art and design world I knew I had hit the mother lode.    It was easy for me to understand how much our physical environment affects us and the possibilities it holds.
A well designed space helps more than we can imagine, both for work related tasks and for play.  In offices, the design can help the employees understand the company’s mission.  It can inspire them and encourage interaction.  Areas can be designed to promote collaboration and exchange ideas.  And of course the opposite can also be true.
My generalist’s viewpoint provides me with great capacity for seeing relationships.  Relationships are the key to building a space that has a strong impact vs. one that is generic.  I can find ways to use the office space to the company’s advantage, by expressing their brand in the interior decor and providing positive aspects that increase employee satisfaction.
Please check out my credentials here, meet my husband Joe, here who helps with architectural issues and check out our project portfolio here.  Then contact me here for a consultation.  I can’t wait to help.